Mission: “To meet the states’ need for the provision and management of the State Roads network and building infrastructures to the best standards within the strategic policy frame work set by the Gov. of Mizoram and thus promote the economic well-being and the quality of life of the People”.


- We work for the community to have a positive effect on the economic and social life of our state.

- Our people are our most important resource.

- We are enthusiastic to apply the latest technology where it is cost effective to improve our business.

- As a responsible organization for the management and maintenance of assets like public buildings and more than 4000Kms of road network which deteriorate over time due to wear and tear from use as well as the effects of weather, we focus our attention to carry out appropriate and cost effective maintenance of our assets.

- We undertake to properly manage the funds allocated to us by the Government.

- We continuously learn how to do things better by imparting training to our workers.

- We give importance to the social values and natural environment of Mizoram.

- We work with the community, other Government Departments and the private sector to get the best results.

- We take pride in the commitment, professionalism and performance of our people.

- We Survey, Plan, Design, Estimate and execute various classes of roads as well as Government buildings and other infrastructural facilities all over the state.

- We award contracts for road and building works in a transparent manner following codal formalities.

- We undertake preventive maintenance, repairs, renovations of roads, buildings and other Govt. infrastructures with the acutely limited fund allocated to us.

- We extend services such as air conditioning, lifts and firefighting and landscaping.

- We provide employment to the people at various levels and categories.

- We send different categories of employees for essential training programmes to various institutions all over the country.

- We furnish information and assistance to the needy people in connection with the functioning of the department and related matters.

Our Commitment:

- We are committed to provide quality services for safe and purposeful Public, Office and residential buildings at reasonable cost by adopting the best practices with advanced technologies.

- We support economic growth in the State by reducing transport costs through progressive improvement and development of roads.

- We commit to progressively develop the road network system with limited resources available with us for providing all weather vehicle access to all communities in the State of Mizoram.

- We commit to reduce identified safety hazards on our road system to minimize the number and severity of road crashes

- We will minimize the adverse environmental and social impacts of the construction, maintenance and use of roads on the natural environment and our communities.

- We will do our best to improve the quality and standard of all types of buildings and other public infrastructures.

- We will involve all people affected by the road system and its use in the setting of appropriate standard and priorities to ensure the service provided by the road system reflects the expectation of the community.

- We are committed to ensure everyone in our organization has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and the contribution expected of them.

- We commit to provide training and development opportunities to equip our staff to competently do their job now and to prepare them for their future and treat all staff fairly and equitably.