Work Execution

Methods of Works Execution :

Mizoram PWD follows Central PWD Accounts Code and Works Manual (earlier known as CPWD Manual Volume-II) with certain modifications for accounting system and execution of works and hence State PWD officers are authorized the same financial powers as that of CPWD officers in respect of selection of contractors, approval of deviations, extension of contract period, technical sanction to the estimates for works etc. etc.
While some minor works or scattered works where engagement of contractor is not convenient or emergency works where call of tender would delay completion of work and all maintenance works are generally taken up departmentally by directly engaging labours, original construction works are normally executed through contractors by calling of tenders. For big contract works, contractors are selected either by two envelope system in which the financial bid of only those who are qualified in technical bids are open and the lowest bidder selected or by pre-qualification method in which only the pre-qualified contractors can submit tenders for final selection. In case of specialized jobs or where access is restricted for security reasons, contractors are selected through restricted tenders for which prior approval of the competent authority of the list of such contractors considered qualified has to be obtained.
Depending on the nature and volume of works, open tenders are to be published in National Papers or only in Regional or Local Newspapers. In case of external aided projects, the funding agency normally requires that expression of interest (EOI).
For short-listing of consultants and pre-qualification for screening of contractors have to be notified at least in three leading national papers and the same need to be hang in the notice board of some embassies at Delhi. If the tender amount is beyond the power of engineering officers for selection of contractor as per works manual, the proposal is to be considered by Works Advisory Board chaired by the Chief Secretary whose recommendation, in turn, must be approved by the concerned Minister.
In addition to International or National Contractors who are generally construction companies registered under Company Act, the State PWD has different classes of its own registered contractors. According to Registration of Contractors Rules, there are various criteria and qualifications required for registration and promotion to different classes of contractors. On the lines of Central PWD Works Manual, different classes of contractors are at present qualified to tender for civil works as follows.

- Class I Contractor: Qualified to tender works of any amount all over the State

- Class II Contractor: Qualified to tender works upto Rs. 100 lakhs all over the State.

- Class III Contractor: Qualified to tender works upto Rs40 lakhs within a Zone under which he/she is  registered.

- Class IV Contractor: Qualified to tender works upto Rs. 15 lakhs within a Circle under which he/she is  registered.


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